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Welcome to MLF Australia!

Updated: Jan 20

Hiqua Fishing Pty Ltd, a new pioneering force in Australian fishing tournaments, proudly announces the launch of ‘MLF Australia’ and the upcoming groundbreaking ‘MLF Australia Tournament Series’, set to revolutionize competitive angling in Australia. These unparalleled new events see anglers competing for some of the biggest payouts ever available in Australian bream team tournament fishing. MLF Australia will be the ultimate platform for Australian anglers to showcase their skills on the global stage.

MLF Australia Tournament Series is designed to provide Australian anglers an unprecedented opportunity to elevate their fishing prowess and gain international recognition, under the worldwide umbrella of Major League Fishing. Major League Fishing (MLF) is the world's largest tournament-fishing organization and a creator of premiere outdoors-based entertainment.

With an unwavering commitment to supporting the fishing community, MLF Australia offers an array of benefits, making it a must-attend for both seasoned professionals and emerging talents.

Key Highlights of the MLF Australia Tournament Series:

• Huge Prize Pool: The series boasts a large prize pool, offering winnings and payouts only dreamt about in Australian bream fishing tournaments. Competitors have every reason to aim for greatness!

• Gateway to the MLF Series Championship in the United States: Winners of the MLF Australia Tournament Series will receive an exclusive opportunity to compete in the prestigious Major League Fishing (MLF) Series Championship in the United States. This cross-continental showdown is a chance for Australian anglers to showcase their skills on an international platform, fishing against MLF competitors from the United States and all other MLF International member countries, to solidify their status among the world's elite.

• Unrivalled Exposure: The series is not only a competition but a platform for anglers to gain unparalleled exposure. Sponsors, media coverage, and a dedicated world-wide MLF fan base will ensure that participants receive recognition never seen before in Australia.

• Community and Culture: Embracing the rich fishing culture of Australia, the MLF Australia Tournament Series is more than a competition; it's a celebration of the fishing community. From camaraderie among participants to fostering a love for the sport, the series aims to unite anglers and showcase Australia on the world stage.

Hiqua Fishing Pty Ltd is thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformative new venture, offering a tournament experience that goes beyond the ordinary and adding to Australia’s magnificent fishing tournament platform. MLF Australia is excited to be involved in the growth and expansion of Australian fishing.

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