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Updated qualification rules

Two teams from MLF Australia will qualify to enter the MLF International Series Championship. Any team that declines their invitation will see the qualification invitation passed to the next team in line from the rounds final results. Held annually in the United States, with qualification from MLF and other participating MLF International countries.

The following rules apply based on a field of at least 35 teams per round.

Due to only two events scheduled for our inaugural year, the organizers have opted to grant the champions of each round (Mallacoota and Hawkesbury River) the opportunity to represent MLF Australia in the USA MLF Toyota Series International Championships.

This implies that anglers have the chance to secure a sponsored slot by participating in just one round of the MLF Australia series. Qualifying will not be as straightforward in the future. The winning team of each round will earn the opportunity to compete against the top anglers in the world.

Funded slot to compete in the USA MLF Toyota Series International Championship valued at $10,000 from price pool – this includes entry fees, use of boat during competition, return airfares from Melbourne or Sydney, accommodation, and team manager who organizes and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Accommodation covered during the MLF Toyota Series Championship.

*Visa, food, alcohol, car hire, and private spending money are not included in this offer.

If the winning team declines this invitation (Funded slot to the US) * MLF Australia will pay that team a first-place payout of $8,000. The qualification invitation will be passed to the next team in line to compete in the USA MLF Toyota Series International Championships at their own expense except for entry fees. MLF will supply boats on tournament days for the pro-anglers in the USA MLF Toyota Series International Championships.

In case of less than 35 teams per round.

If the number of teams is fewer than 35, the initial prize offer (Funded slot to the US) * will be revoked, reverting instead to a 70% payout of entry fees on a 1-5 ratio.

Team of the Year points will still be awarded to teams participating in the MLF Australia series with points per round allocated to final placings for that round. The winners of the prestigious MLF Australia Team of the Year award will get free membership for the 2025 season plus free entry into the first round the team will participate in.

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